What is IPpoint

IPpoint is a complete and modular software for managing Wi-Fi hotspots, Internet cafés, Internet Points and Multimedia Teaching Classrooms.
Produced and distributed in Italy by PlaNet srl which operates in the IT sector since 1997 and specializes in software design and implementation, with a constant commitment to Research and Development and Technological Innovation activities.
It can be integrated and customized thanks to its modular structure, allowing, IPpoint to manage Wi-Fi hotspots with captive portal and networks with fixed stations.
IPpoint offers a landing page that allows the publication of ad-hoc content, accessible even to unregistered users.

Through the administrative Web Based application, available on the server, IPpoint allows you to configure and manage various functions, such as:

  • configuration and control of fixed stations
  • user management (enabled on fixed and wi-fi stations)
  • security policy management (firewall, proxy) on a system, group and user base
  • basis usage statistics
  • LOGs disaggregated (for privacy reasons) of traffic accesses



A single software to manage fixed workstations and Wi-Fi hotspots, access to the Wi-Fi network and PCs with a single account.


Site filter, black list to block users or devices with bad activities, security policy management (firewall, proxy) on a user, group and system basis.


With IPpoint the workstations are always working and "clean", because with every access everything is back as new.

Hotspot Wi-Fi module

Thanks to IPpoint Hotspots you can also manage the clients owned by users equipped with a Wi-Fi connection (smartphone, tablet, PC, etc.): assign usable bandwidth, decide whether to give time or traffic limits. It is possible to allow access to a certain number of intranet services, information and documentation, even before authentication, as well as giving free or paid access.

user master data unified with Cybercafe management module if activated
authorization levels of differentiable accounts
autonomous registration of users
captive portal and customizable landing page
walled garden and intranet for content available even without authentication

Internet café and Internet Point Management

The IPpoint Cybercafe module is a complete and modular solution for the best management of Internet cafes, Internet Points, Teaching and Multimedia Classrooms: it can be managed in integration with Wi-Fi hotspots and with automated ticketing system ticka.

PCs are reconfigured as new at every startup
configuration and control of centralized workstations
Unified user registry with Wi-Fi hotspot management module if activated
complete and articulated usage statistics
software packages installed on open source PCs without additional license fees


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