IpPoint per porti e aeroporti

IpPoint per porti e aeroporti

IpPoint per porti e aeroporti

Special technical features that redefine connectivity

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Setting up multiple technical profiles for each account to provide users with service categories featuring different accounting criteria and access policies in parallel, allowing users to choose which internet packages to use on each device.


Optimized custom solution to enforce the device identification process against mac randomization​ (and allow the sale of packages based on the number of devices), through UUID (Universally​ Unique Identifier) session tracking, browser fingerprinting and other combined technologies.

CAPTIVE NETWORK ASSISTANT: seamlessly guide users with tailored CNA implementations

Customized implementation of CNA (Captive Network Assistant) on android/ios mobile devices (CNA is the app that automatically pops up when after WiFi network selection) following business/ network needs, e.g. in-app portal usage, WiFi stabilization, redirection to the portal, etc.

Captive API support: stay ahead with RFC 8908 support for effortless onboarding

RFC 8908 (Captive Portal Identification with Portal API) implementation to optimize the onboarding process on mobile devices that supports the new RFC that extends Captive Portal Identification by adding an API by which a client device can easly access the Portal.

DNS CACHE AND RPZ: firewall rules for optimized DNS services

Firewall rules to reduce DNS-over-TLS service (DoT) abuse attempts, providing a local DNS service optimized for Walled Garden and third-party DNS zone services and platforms like Quad-9 service.

WALLED GARDEN: provide selective access with custom routing

Provide free access to specific websites or services with different routing specifications, custom implementations to enable PUSH notifications or MDM (Mobile Device Management) integration are available.

HIGH AVAILABILITY: dual-server setups for uninterrupted service

IPpoint in HA mode is a solutions with dual servers and replicated services to minimize service interruptions and data loss in case of catastrophic failure.

DEDICATED DHCP SERVER: complete network control with IPpoint’s DHCP server

The dedicated DHCP server, IPpoint DHCP, seamlessly managed by the IPpoint backend, offer a comprehensive control and autonomy over your Wi-Fi network. Additionally, IPpoint DHCP is available in High Availability (HA) mode, ensuring uninterrupted service.

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