IpPoint per flotte navali

IpPoint per flotte navali

IpPoint per flotte navali

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Sailing Towards Connectivity with IPpoint Solutions

Cruise companies operate in a highly competitive market where connectivity plays a crucial role in guest satisfaction and loyalty. IPpoint offers comprehensive solutions for managing Wi-Fi access, Captive Portals, and network security onboard cruise ships.
With IPpoint, cruise companies can provide seamless connectivity to passengers, crew members, and onboard systems, while delivering personalized experiences and promoting safety and security. Seamlessly integrating with onboard systems and entertainment platforms, IPpoint empowers cruise companies to enhance guest satisfaction, drive revenue growth, and set sail towards a brighter future in maritime connectivity.

IPpoint is the ideal solution to manage the internet connection offered to customers and fleet users: management of Wi-Fi Hot Spots and Internet Points in a single database with credit management and activity monitoring.

Our company can guarantee - thanks to many years of experience in managing Wi-Fi access and Internet cafes on important fleets of cruise ships - an optimal service guaranteed by prompt and timely customer assistance. The possibility of having on-site installations tested by our specialized technicians, quality hardware and a set of reports and statistics functional to marketing activities, make IPpoint the most forward-looking choice available on the market.

With IPpoint safety and system stability are guaranteed:

  • autonomous registration by users in a single database for Internet cafes, Wi-Fi hotspots and any integrated apps and third-party services that provide paid services;
  • possibility of integration with PMS or ERP, managing the purchase of consumption-based packages, flat or unlimited, differentiable between internal staff and external users with different costs and access privileges;
  • possibility of integration with the main application firewalls to optimize the use of bandwidth and services, in security;
  • possibility to integrate interactive Totems to provide free public access content for everyone, online and locally - such as the daily program or navigator inside the ship - or with restricted access with an account, to allow the management of pay services such as purchase of an excursion, a food & beverage package, access to the SPA.

Furthermore IPpoint is natively integrated with the ticka automated ticketing system (you can find out more about features and versions by visiting the www.ticka.it website) which can be used to manage access to theaters, buffet rooms and in general to any service for which it is useful to manage the issue of an access ticket and the consequent real-time counting of the participants.

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