Hotspot Wi-Fi

The IPpoint Hotspot module allows you to manage access to the Wi-Fi network that takes place through the clients owned by the users (smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and more).

Through an administrative control panel it is possible to define free access policies (with time or traffic limits) or for payment.
In both cases it is possible to assign the band usable by users based on the group they belong to or based on the packages purchased.
It is possible to allow access to a certain number of sites (walled gardens), intranet services, information of various types and documentation, even before authentication.

Main features of the IPpoint Hotspot module:

    For users who use both Wi-Fi access and fixed stations, the login credentials are the same.
  • AUTHORIZATION LEVELS OF DIFFERENTIAL ACCOUNTS There is the possibility, in the contexts that require it, to create "STAFF" type users with differentiated access profiles and price lists.
  • REGISTRATION OF USERS IN AUTONOMY Users are required to register directly on the pages of the captive portal, with the possibility of confirming their e-mail address through an available data connection, or through an SMS containing a validation code.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE CAPTIVE PORTAL AND LANDING PAGE There is the possibility of customizing the landing page of the user (landing page), the whole look and feel of the pages available for registration or for the presentation of content not blocked by registration.
  • WALLED GARDEN AND INTRANET FOR CONTENTS AVAILABLE ALSO WITHOUT AUTHENTICATION As in the main captive portal solutions it is possible to define lists of "free" and navigable sites even in the absence of registration.It is also possible to create a real Intranet that can be managed with a CMS.
  • SAFETY AND RELIABILITY The IPpoint Hotspot module is safe and easy to use, already tested in highly complex environments and with significant peaks in terms of simultaneous users. It allows the management of blacklists to block users (or devices) that are responsible for incorrect behavior and activities.

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