Hotspot Wi-Fi

The hotspot module of IPpoint manages accesses coming from devices owned by users connected to the Wi-Fi network (smartphones, tablets, notebooks).
It allows managing free or paid accesses, assigning bandwidth usable by users, and defining time or traffic limits. It is also possible to allow access to intranet services and information, even before authentication.
In cruise contexts with repeated accesses (and not one-time like in an airport), high traffic, and need for security and system stability.

IPpoint ensures:

  • A reliable solution for managing thousands of simultaneous connections, thanks to a proven experience in the naval fleets sector;
  • Manage a customizable landing page, able to provide registration service and local content (intranet, booking services, interactive maps, infopoints, and more);
  • Use a CMS that allows the publication of ad-hoc content, differentiable for registered and non-registered users;
  • Self-registration by users, also managing SSO (Single sign-on) services and integration with PMS, ERP, or third-party apps and products that provide paid services, using a single account;
  • Controlled accesses with free and paid access packages and filters for types of sites or services (social, streaming, messaging, etc.);
  • Purchase of time and usage packages, flat or unlimited, differentiable between crew and guests, with different costs and access privileges;
  • Possibility of integration with the main application firewalls and semantic filtering applications to optimize bandwidth and services usage;
  • Possibility of integrating and managing interactive kiosks to provide content for public access or content with access reserved for guests (purchase of an excursion, food & beverage package, or access to the SPA) supported by digital signage solutions;
  • IPpoint is integrated with the tick@ platform (, a system for managing event booking and sales. Through this integration, it is possible to manage theater event reservations, excursion bookings, restaurant table reservations, and much more.

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