IpPoint per fiere e congressi

IpPoint per fiere e congressi

IpPoint per fiere e congressi

Wi-Fi Network Management in Trade Shows, Congress Centers, and Exhibition Spaces

Managing network access in trade shows, congress centers, and exhibition spaces with IPPoint can enhance the quality of your venue. Properly differentiating bandwidth for the public, exhibitors, and the facility is crucial. Transforming a challenge into a business opportunity by offering value-added access with IPPoint is highly desirable.

Planet can also provide an integrated system for developing your additional services by combining internet access management with IPPoint and Tick@, an automated ticketing system complete with access control.

Elevating Events with IPpoint Connectivity

Events play a crucial role in fostering innovation, collaboration, and networking across industries. IPpoint enhances connectivity in fairs, congress centers, and exhibition spaces, offering a comprehensive solution for managing Wi-Fi access, Captive Portals, and network security. With IPpoint, event organizers can provide reliable connectivity to attendees, exhibitors, and staff, while delivering personalized experiences and optimizing resource utilization. Seamlessly integrating with event management systems, IPpoint empowers organizers to enhance engagement, streamline operations, and elevate the overall event experience.


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