With IPpoint you can optimize the onboarding procedure with a customized captive portal experience. WiFi Network access on cruise ship needs to be decontextualized compared, for example, an airport captive portal service (one time access only). Also other local services might be available onboard for guests who doesn’t need an internet access. With IPpoint we can implement a tailored solution to every need.

A captive portal is a web page that appears when connecting to a Wi-Fi network, requiring the user to authenticate or accept specific terms and conditions before gaining full access to the network.

One primary reason for customizing the captive portal experience is to enhance user engagement. Instead of presenting a generic and standardized page, organizations can design an engaging interface that reflects their brand, provides relevant information, or even offers incentives to the user upon connection.

For instance, a cruise line might use a customized captive portal to promote special onboard activities, highlight dining options, or provide information about shore excursions. By tailoring the captive portal to the cruise experience, passengers can be seamlessly informed and engaged, turning the process of connecting to the ship's Wi-Fi into an interactive and informative experience.

Furthermore, customizing the captive portal allows for greater control over the user flow through the network. Cruise lines can implement more advanced authentication systems, request specific information, or offer differentiated connection options based on passenger requirements. This is particularly useful for ensuring a personalized and secure online experience during the voyage.

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