PRICING MODELS – Internet plans

With IPpoint each guest or crew onboard will be able to automatically receive a prepaid plan (if available) or purchase/upgrade by themselves each WiFi plan with customized pricelists (pax,crew,staff). We also offer voucher accesses for any other internet access needs.

Management can be integrated with the main PMS platforms.

Devices restriction

Thanks to our optimized custom solution, we enforce the device identification process to counteract MAC randomization using UUID (Universally Unique Identifier) session tracking, browser fingerprinting, and other combined technologies such as tethering prevention. This allows for the sale of packages based on the number of devices. WiFi plans can be offered based on data/time consumption or with specific limits.

Multiple profiles

We enable the setup of multiple technical profiles for each account, offering users various service categories with different accounting criteria and access policies. This parallel setup empowers users to choose internet packages for each device.

Prepaid, Complementary, and VIP Packages

Thanks to PMS integration, in addition to regular offerings, we provide additional integrations such as prepaid plan assignments, complimentary plans, and discounts for VIP or specific users.

Time and Usage Packages

WiFi plans can be offered based on time and usage consumption or without any limit, distinguishing between crew and guests. These plans come with varying costs and access privileges. Additionally, WiFi plans (data/time) can be configured with daily resets to limit internet access, and weekly or monthly resets are also available.

Dynamic Pricing

Our platform supports the implementation of any algorithm for activating a Dynamic Pricing strategy. This includes features like Early Bird, Early Upgrade, special credit assignments (happy birthday feature), and more.

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